Monthly Archives: June 2012

Lost Passion Syndrome (LPS)

Passion is the key to success, fulfilment, energy, greatness and influence. But as we journey through life; challenges, tragedy and failure can cause us to abandon our passion.

I set off some years ago with a big vision to set up a hub where women from all walks of life could come together to inspire one another, acquire knowledge and tools to succeed in all areas of life and make a difference in their sphere of influence. Three years into my mission, tragedy struck. I lost my first baby on what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life. Nine months after I lost my second baby.

Life went on but I had no desire to pursue my passion due to the amount of work, commitment and energy required and the absence of finance and human capital contributed to my reasons for quitting.

But somehow I found myself being drawn back to my vision three years later. I have come to realise that this is what I was born for, this is where I get my excitement from and it is here I can make a difference. But it was not business as usual. My loss has enabled me see and do things differently. What I do now has greater meaning and purpose and my experience colours everything I do as I underwent a paradigm shift. Hence my dream have come alive in greater depth and with immense impact. The interesting thing I find as I go along is how all the pieces of my ‘life goal’ fits into this cause as some many things I have planned to accomplish in life can be tied into this vision.

My lost passion syndrome has moved me beyond loss, beyond financial barriers and beyond stagnancy. I am back doing what I love!