Don’t write yourself off!

I am currently job hunting. In this process, I have come across some job specifications I think are beyond me (limited experience) and quickly move on to the next vacancy. However some days ago I came across this particular job I would love to do. Although I don’t fit the criteria 100% I believe I stand a chance after viewing the OU on the BBC: Hilary Devey’s Women at the Top documentary some days ago. The main thing I took away from Hilary is; as a woman I need to have more confidence in myself and portray myself in that light.


In 2007 I applied for a post through an agency and heard nothing. A week later I found out the company in question also advertised the job on their website. I decided to apply directly to them and got the job. Similarly, my application for secondment to another department this summer was successful simply because of a course I did six years ago. Bottom line is I would not get a job if I don’t try.

It is so easy for us to disqualify ourselves even before others have done so and even if they do I will ensure I get feedback, take it on board and carry on till my goal is accomplished.

This principle is applicable to any area of life, even if others do not believe in you, don’t stop believing in yourself. Do whatever is required to qualify yourself so when opportunity does come knocking, success is only a matter of time.


2 thoughts on “Don’t write yourself off!

  1. I too have had the same problem, doubting myself after reading the job description, one agency even contacted me after finding my CV on a job board. We spoke, had a good rapport and I was out forward for the job. Week later I contacted the agency who said the company felt i didn’t have enough experience. I found the contact details of the company via my previous emails with them and spoke direct to the recruitment manager. Sent them my CV and successfully got an interview! I avoid recruitment agencies like the plague,

    1. Congrats on getting the job and well done for refusing to take no as an answer. Had a similar experience some years back: was not shortlisted by the agency but found out the organisation put up the vacancy on their website too, applied and got it.

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