Monthly Archives: December 2012

The 3Cs of unaccomplished goals

As this year draws to an end, I recently decided to sit down to do a review. This made me consider my next steps with regards to goals I had not fulfilled. For ease I decided to classify them into three categories which I call my 3Cs as outlined below:


Although I feel like putting my feet up after all my hard work this year, I reasoned that I am still able to actually cross the finish line and complete one or two goals with extra effort and planning.


Whereas with some other goals, I have decided I can work on some action points that will bring me closer to accomplishing my goals but they won’t be completed this year.

Carry over

Lastly, for the remaining goals I have decided to put them on hold until next year and carry on where I stopped.


The process of attributing my goals to the above three categories has taken a lot of pressure off me and regardless of how my year has gone, I am totally satisfied knowing full well I gave my goals my best shot and my year ended with some brilliant wins.