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Review of Get up talks held on Nov 22nd

Talk by: Ronke Lawal

Written by  Dawn Duval-Macsporran
BeVivacious Nutritional Consultancy

I found the I Can workshop very inspiring and motivating. I found most useful hearing about the facilitator’s and other people in the audiences’ life stories. I could relate to their personal situations and how they had persevered in spite of the circumstances in their lives at one point or another that they found themselves in.

I still feel very positive since attending the event. The day after the workshop I made a huge list of all the urgent things I needed to do. I have now nearly achieved them all. The talk gave me exactly the motivation I needed at the time to believe in myself and that I could achieve whatever I wanted.
It was particularly rewarding also helping others in the audience if they felt stuck that there was no way forward. We were all helping each other with examples or contacts we knew to help motivate the other person to break down any barriers. The atmosphere was very supportive, encouraging and effectively managed.
I would recommend the Get Up Talks on a Saturday even though initially it was a struggle for me to get out of bed! Now that I’ve been to one of these talks I wouldn’t hesitate next time. Several of us stayed networking long after the event had closed. I also managed to get a couple of new leads for my own business.

I would like to thank the organisers who did a brilliant job; it was a productive day with enough time in each workshop and with the whole group at the beginning and the end.

Many thanks!

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