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Review of Get up talks held on Nov 22nd
Talk by: Vanessa Vallely
Written by: Lola Hakeem-Habeeb

Where can you find inspirational women?

The answer to that question is at Get up Talks. I found myself at Get up Talks because I feel that now is the time to get up and take action to become successful in life! No more excuses!

Vanessa Valley spoke of her work experiences and what motivated her to start her own successful business. Vanessa is a recognised expert in person-to-person business networking, online branding and motivational speaking. She is the founder of wearethecity.com; a network which has over 300,000 members helping women to connect and grow personally and professionally.

She spoke of the challenges she faced during her journey to success. Vanessa’s story began in a block of flats in Hackney and despite the opinions of her teachers who believed that she would not amount to anything she was able to get a job in a bank after leaving school. Her career involved a job as project analyst and also COO, she has also launched 2 successful businesses in less than 6 years.

Vanessa did not allow the negative views of others to hinder her success. She said ‘sometimes the opinions of others is just noise’.

It may be friends and family who express their opinion with the aim of trying to help, but sometimes they underestimate your strengths and abilities so may say things like ‘that idea won’t work for you, it’s not you’. Vanessa spoke about knowing your vision and knowing who you are in order to build confidence and have faith in your ability.

Hearing the experiences that have brought Vanessa to her success has certainly made me even more motivated to get up and start living a fulfilling life now!

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