I Count

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Review of Get up talks held on Nov 22nd
Talk by: Pastor Bimbo Fola-Alade
Written by: Bimpe Onyekwelu

The iCount session was taken by Pastor Bimbo Fola-Alade, the Family Life Pastor at Trinity Chapel, a seasoned teacher of scripture, author and Christian counsellor. “iCount”, the aptly named session was a wisdom-packed and timeless elucidation of the subject of “Purpose”. Essentially, in this session, the speaker tactfully educated us on certain key factors of “Purpose”; which are the ” Discovery, Development and Deployment” of purpose.
She began by putting up pictures of some iconic characters of our time, and asked us to mention what came to mind on hearing their names; that is, what they are popularly known for (if at all we knew who they were). Amongst these were;
• Martha Stewart- The American businesswoman, writer, and television personality is famous for being an accomplished homemaker
• Mother Theresa- The Roman Catholic Religious Sister and missionary is known for her charity, missionary and humanitarian work
• Hillary Clinton- (The wife of Bill Clinton) former First Lady of the United States, U.S Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, is known for Leadership roles.
• Sonya Carson- The mother of Ben Carson – is known for raising Ben Carson, who is credited with being the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head).
• Michelle Obama- The wife of the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the first African-American First Lady of the US is particularly known for her position of influence.
These women discovered their unique purpose and have made their lives count. We also can do the same!

At this juncture, it became crystal clear what the session was about; “Purpose is that “unique thing” you were created to do, which makes you “count”. Everybody has a purpose. Do you know yours?” No doubt, at this point, the questions on the heart of most, would have been, “So, what is my unique purpose- that “thing” I am created for? What comes to the mind of others when they look at me? How do I discover my purpose? How do I count”? Thankfully, Pastor Bimbo didn’t leave her now curious listeners hanging in a state of bewilderment. She proceeded to tell us the various ways we could discover our purpose.
With the belief that God is the creator of us all, and the understanding that He creates nothing without a purpose in mind, we learn that purpose is mostly discovered in and through God. Purpose, she said, is discovered or uncovered to you through;
• What you Hear- divine instruction; what God has told you to do.
• What you See- A vision (divine or heart-felt); a picture given by God, a long standing picture in your minds-eye which you dream of fulfilling.
• A Cause, Interest or something you are Burdened with.
• Your Experiences in life.

Once our purpose becomes unveiled to us, we are to develop and fulfil it. To develop it, we must learn to recognize and seize opportunities to express the gifts and passions within us. It is as we take advantage of the opportunities we are presented with, however little, and stay ardently focused and committed, that we are prepared, sharpened and perfected in readiness for bigger platforms and greater influence. Moreover, how we fulfil purpose, is often determined by the following;
• Your gift and Talents & skills:
that thing or things that come naturally or easily to you
the things you’ve been celebrated or commended on
Your personality and character: For instance, intrinsic qualities such as passion and boldness steer us in the direction of our purpose, as we see exemplified in the lives and work of people like Sir Bob Geldof

These are attributes that give expression to what God has put in our hearts, which when put to good use, aid in the fulfilment of our purpose.

She finally enlightened us on the enriching and significant benefits of fulfilling our purpose in life.
• Self Actualization- we become all that we were created to be.
• Inspiration to others- we become a source of inspiration to others around us
• Benefit to mankind- we add value, enrich, and bring about the betterment of humanity as a whole.
• A gift to God- Fulfilling purpose is our gift back to God, by fully manifesting the riches of the glory of the inheritance He has deposited in us, His saints.

Throughout this raptly engaging session, Pastor Bimbo’s unbroken theme and unspoken question to her attentive listeners was primarily, “What on earth are you here for?” “You count for something…find out what it is and do it”. As she concluded, we were encouraged to bring into harmony, “the what”, “the how” and the “get going” of our purpose. In other words, as a matter of importance, we were urged, in a most compelling manner, to discover, develop and deploy our purpose on earth, not only for the sake of personal fulfilment and establishment of oneself as a person, but also for the benefit of humanity, and to the ultimate glory of God our creator.

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