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Don’t miss the third Inspirational Woman Awards

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Women Mentoring Women presents the third Inspirational Woman Awards. The awards celebrate International Women’s Day, recognise inspirational women and bring inspirational people together. You will enjoy an evening of inspirational stories, performances and networking at the 3rd Inspirational Woman Awards. The 2015 Awards Theme is; What’s your story?

Why attend? Your story (life, business, career …) will make a difference in someone’s life. In return you will be inspired by the stories you hear and gain tips from Brand specialist, Kubi Springer to stand out and achieve your goals. That evening, you will network with inspirational individuals and have fun.

The 2015 Awards will be live for the first time. The search is on for Inspirational women. Awards are only open to women who have not received an award before. To be considered for nomination, the nominee must be female, register for and attend the awards, her story should involve rising above adversity or her being an Inspirational change agent. As a result, her actions have made a positive impact on others. If you meet the above criteria, send an expression of interest by March 7 to with the subject line: Awards with the nominees full name, email address, mobile number and 70 words (maximum) about your story.

This event will be held on Saturday, March 14 at School 21, Newmount Street, off Bridge Street Stratford E15 3PA from 5pm – 8pm. Entry is by ticket only, which must be purchased in advance. Registration starts at 4.30pm prompt. Please note there will be no entry after 5.30pm. Proof of ticket purchase is required.

Every attendee will have the opportunity to share his/her story. Please prepare a 60 second elevator pitch – a concise, well practiced description about your story.
Contact us if you would like to advertise in the Awards Magazine, exhibit your product and/or services on March 14 or sponsor an Award.

Visit our awards webite: to find out more about the awards.
N.B. The event is strictly for individuals aged 16 and above. If you are interested in a creche for your child/children on the event day, please contact us at:

Don’t forget to tell your friends and contacts about this amazing event!

We look forward to see you on the 14th of March where you will be inspired and get to inspire others.

3rd Annual Inspirational Woman Awards

Why Inspirational Woman Awards?

The awards celebrate International Women’s Day, recognise women who have risen above adversity and inspire women to live their dream and not give up. The event brings together inspirational individuals  who encourage, motivate and inspire each other to achieve their goals and live a life that counts.

The awards attract high profile speakers, artists and inspirational people. It is not just another awards event. It is an evening when vision is birthed, dreams are rekindled and connections are made.

Come along to the 3rd Inspirational Woman Awards on the 14th of March, 2015 for an amazing, sensational and uplifting evening where you will have the opportunity to ‘inspire and be Inspired.’

Find out more and purchase tickets at

I Connect

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Review of Get up talks held on Nov 22nd
Talk by: Vanessa Vallely
Written by: Lola Hakeem-Habeeb

Where can you find inspirational women?

The answer to that question is at Get up Talks. I found myself at Get up Talks because I feel that now is the time to get up and take action to become successful in life! No more excuses!

Vanessa Valley spoke of her work experiences and what motivated her to start her own successful business. Vanessa is a recognised expert in person-to-person business networking, online branding and motivational speaking. She is the founder of; a network which has over 300,000 members helping women to connect and grow personally and professionally.

She spoke of the challenges she faced during her journey to success. Vanessa’s story began in a block of flats in Hackney and despite the opinions of her teachers who believed that she would not amount to anything she was able to get a job in a bank after leaving school. Her career involved a job as project analyst and also COO, she has also launched 2 successful businesses in less than 6 years.

Vanessa did not allow the negative views of others to hinder her success. She said ‘sometimes the opinions of others is just noise’.

It may be friends and family who express their opinion with the aim of trying to help, but sometimes they underestimate your strengths and abilities so may say things like ‘that idea won’t work for you, it’s not you’. Vanessa spoke about knowing your vision and knowing who you are in order to build confidence and have faith in your ability.

Hearing the experiences that have brought Vanessa to her success has certainly made me even more motivated to get up and start living a fulfilling life now!

I Count

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Review of Get up talks held on Nov 22nd
Talk by: Pastor Bimbo Fola-Alade
Written by: Bimpe Onyekwelu

The iCount session was taken by Pastor Bimbo Fola-Alade, the Family Life Pastor at Trinity Chapel, a seasoned teacher of scripture, author and Christian counsellor. “iCount”, the aptly named session was a wisdom-packed and timeless elucidation of the subject of “Purpose”. Essentially, in this session, the speaker tactfully educated us on certain key factors of “Purpose”; which are the ” Discovery, Development and Deployment” of purpose.
She began by putting up pictures of some iconic characters of our time, and asked us to mention what came to mind on hearing their names; that is, what they are popularly known for (if at all we knew who they were). Amongst these were;
• Martha Stewart- The American businesswoman, writer, and television personality is famous for being an accomplished homemaker
• Mother Theresa- The Roman Catholic Religious Sister and missionary is known for her charity, missionary and humanitarian work
• Hillary Clinton- (The wife of Bill Clinton) former First Lady of the United States, U.S Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, is known for Leadership roles.
• Sonya Carson- The mother of Ben Carson – is known for raising Ben Carson, who is credited with being the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head).
• Michelle Obama- The wife of the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the first African-American First Lady of the US is particularly known for her position of influence.
These women discovered their unique purpose and have made their lives count. We also can do the same!

At this juncture, it became crystal clear what the session was about; “Purpose is that “unique thing” you were created to do, which makes you “count”. Everybody has a purpose. Do you know yours?” No doubt, at this point, the questions on the heart of most, would have been, “So, what is my unique purpose- that “thing” I am created for? What comes to the mind of others when they look at me? How do I discover my purpose? How do I count”? Thankfully, Pastor Bimbo didn’t leave her now curious listeners hanging in a state of bewilderment. She proceeded to tell us the various ways we could discover our purpose.
With the belief that God is the creator of us all, and the understanding that He creates nothing without a purpose in mind, we learn that purpose is mostly discovered in and through God. Purpose, she said, is discovered or uncovered to you through;
• What you Hear- divine instruction; what God has told you to do.
• What you See- A vision (divine or heart-felt); a picture given by God, a long standing picture in your minds-eye which you dream of fulfilling.
• A Cause, Interest or something you are Burdened with.
• Your Experiences in life.

Once our purpose becomes unveiled to us, we are to develop and fulfil it. To develop it, we must learn to recognize and seize opportunities to express the gifts and passions within us. It is as we take advantage of the opportunities we are presented with, however little, and stay ardently focused and committed, that we are prepared, sharpened and perfected in readiness for bigger platforms and greater influence. Moreover, how we fulfil purpose, is often determined by the following;
• Your gift and Talents & skills:
that thing or things that come naturally or easily to you
the things you’ve been celebrated or commended on
Your personality and character: For instance, intrinsic qualities such as passion and boldness steer us in the direction of our purpose, as we see exemplified in the lives and work of people like Sir Bob Geldof

These are attributes that give expression to what God has put in our hearts, which when put to good use, aid in the fulfilment of our purpose.

She finally enlightened us on the enriching and significant benefits of fulfilling our purpose in life.
• Self Actualization- we become all that we were created to be.
• Inspiration to others- we become a source of inspiration to others around us
• Benefit to mankind- we add value, enrich, and bring about the betterment of humanity as a whole.
• A gift to God- Fulfilling purpose is our gift back to God, by fully manifesting the riches of the glory of the inheritance He has deposited in us, His saints.

Throughout this raptly engaging session, Pastor Bimbo’s unbroken theme and unspoken question to her attentive listeners was primarily, “What on earth are you here for?” “You count for something…find out what it is and do it”. As she concluded, we were encouraged to bring into harmony, “the what”, “the how” and the “get going” of our purpose. In other words, as a matter of importance, we were urged, in a most compelling manner, to discover, develop and deploy our purpose on earth, not only for the sake of personal fulfilment and establishment of oneself as a person, but also for the benefit of humanity, and to the ultimate glory of God our creator.

I can

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Review of Get up talks held on Nov 22nd

Talk by: Ronke Lawal

Written by  Dawn Duval-Macsporran
BeVivacious Nutritional Consultancy

I found the I Can workshop very inspiring and motivating. I found most useful hearing about the facilitator’s and other people in the audiences’ life stories. I could relate to their personal situations and how they had persevered in spite of the circumstances in their lives at one point or another that they found themselves in.

I still feel very positive since attending the event. The day after the workshop I made a huge list of all the urgent things I needed to do. I have now nearly achieved them all. The talk gave me exactly the motivation I needed at the time to believe in myself and that I could achieve whatever I wanted.
It was particularly rewarding also helping others in the audience if they felt stuck that there was no way forward. We were all helping each other with examples or contacts we knew to help motivate the other person to break down any barriers. The atmosphere was very supportive, encouraging and effectively managed.
I would recommend the Get Up Talks on a Saturday even though initially it was a struggle for me to get out of bed! Now that I’ve been to one of these talks I wouldn’t hesitate next time. Several of us stayed networking long after the event had closed. I also managed to get a couple of new leads for my own business.

I would like to thank the organisers who did a brilliant job; it was a productive day with enough time in each workshop and with the whole group at the beginning and the end.

Many thanks!

Get up Talks

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Women Mentoring Women invites you to Get up Talks’ on November 22 taking place in East Village from 10.30am – 2.30pm. The talks would help you as a woman challenge your limits,raise your profile, take action and live a life of impact. The talks would inspire and give you practical tips to progress.

Click on link below to sign up for Get up Talks” target=”_blank” style=”color:#6c8059″>



Introductory session: i get up

In this session Funke would share how she has turned her lemons into lemonade. She will encourage you on how to deal with whatever life throws at you and how to still keep smiling no matter what.


Session 1 (open to all)

Speaker: Vanessa Vallely

Topic: iConnect

Throughout this interactive and practical session you will hear about the tools and techniques Vanessa has used to rise from project analyst to COO and launch 2 successful businesses in less than 6 years.

Vanessa will also share with you her tips on how to become comfortable with raising your profile plus a myriad of other practical advice. From networking and mentoring, to social media and giving back. Vanessa will advise you on a huge array of profile raising activities that are not only simple but easy to put into practice straight away!

About Vanessa

Regarded as one of the most highly networked women in and out of the city of London.

Vanessa appears on every watch list following top women in the City, such as: Financial News Top 100 Rising Star across Europe, Africa and EMEA; Financial News Top 100 Women in Finance, and The International Alliance for Women’s Top 100 Global Women who are making a notable difference to female empowerment. In 2013, she received accolades such as Brummel’s Top 30 Inspirational Women in the City and was also awarded the Global Leadership Award at Columbia University from US network Womensphere. Vanessa’s latest achievement is being cited as one of 50 Women of Influence by one of the UK’s leading magazines, Good Housekeeping (Nov 2013).

Author ‘Heels of steel’- a chronicle of Vanessa’s career climb as a corporate woman in a man’s world

Vanessa’s experience stems from a 25 year career in Banking and Finance, holding senior positions such as Chief Operating Officer and Global Head of Governance and Business Management.

Founder of, a network helping over 30,000 members helping women connect and grow personally and professionally

Pearly queen of the City of London


Register for Get up talks to find out more and take your next steps towards raising your profile and attracting opportunities that will enable you to progress in your Career or business and above all help others.


Session 2 (choice of one talk below)

i create

Jacqueline, the author of “The Widow’s Jar of Oil” and “Your Talent is Your Wealth” will help you discover your gifts, skills and talents and how to use it to move beyond working in a job where the drudgery of pay cheque to pay cheque is never ending to owning your own business or launching a product.

i count

This is an interactive session that will help you discover the hidden gifts and talents inside you. In this session, you will receive guidance on how to uncover your unique purpose. Pst Bimbo will share the benefits of fulfilling your purpose and stories of women who have made their lives count and how you can too. You will also leave with practical tips on how to have a great work/life balance in order to accomplish your purpose.

i can

Ronke will share her story of how she dared to dream. This is an interactive session that will encourage you to believe you can achieve your dreams/goals. It will help you recognise and overcome self limiting beliefs, consider how to attract the right people to help you achieve your dreams and highlight what it takes to live your dream.



Funke Oham enjoys bringing women together to connect, support and inspire one another. In June 2003, the seed for the Ladies Club was sown. As a result of this project, Funke was a recipient of the Community Champions Award, Exceptional Community Champions Award and UnLtd Social Enterprise Award. She published her first book ‘Always a Mum; How I survived my baby loss to walk alongside other baby loss survivors.  She is a psychology graduate, qualified coach and inspirational speaker.

Vanessa Vallely is a recognised expert in person-to-person business networking, online branding and motivational speaking. She is regarded as one of the most highly networked women in and out of the City of London. Vanessa has delivered keynotes for over 80 companies in Europe, the US, India and the Middle East. Vanessa’s latest achievement is being cited as one of 50 Women of Influence by one of the UK’s leading magazines, Good Housekeeping (Nov 2013). Vanessa has recently released her first book, “Heels of Steel” which tracks her exceptional career climb to the C-suite.

Ronke Lawal is a passionate business woman and runs both RSL Management Services and Simone Williams Fashion Label. She is a recipient of the Precious Award for Inspirational Leadership. Her previous roles include Chief Executive of the Islington Chamber of Commerce, non-executive director of The Hoxton Apprentice, Trustee of Voluntary Action Islington and Director of The Voluntary Action Academy. Ronke is currently on The Employers Panel for the National Employment Savings Trust, a Mentor for The Cherie Blair Foundation and The Elevation Networks Start Ups Initiative.

Bimbo Fola-Alade started professional life as a lawyer. She is currently the family life pastor at Trinity Chapel. A practical and thorough teacher of the word; she is sought after for her down to earth but scriptural approach to life issues. She regularly holds women’s seminars and retreats and conducts comprehensive premarital guidance and marriage enrichment programs. She is also a trained Christian counselor and author of 4 books – ‘ Are you the One for Me’, ‘Real Women, Real Issues, Real Faith’, ‘ Life Makeover’ and ‘Raising Exceptional Children’. An avid reader and writer, she is also editor of ‘Leadership & Lifestyle’ magazine.

Jacqueline Ani is the Founder and Managing Director of Empowered Woman Ltd. She is also the brain child of Empowered Woman Mentoring for Purpose Programme. Her experiences spans from working as a Corporate Recruitment Consultant recruiting for big investment banks in the City; she then went into training and developed her career as a PGCE Literacy Lecture. Jacqueline is also an author, inspirational speaker, professional life coach and prophetic change mentor with many years of international experience. She is the author of “The Widow’s Jar of Oil” and “Your Talent is Your Wealth


The general session and session 1 (open to all)

Session 2 (choice of only 1 session, allocated on event day)

We look forward to having you with us on the 22nd of November. You will leave Get up Talks motivated to take action and achieve your dream.

Click on link below to sign up for Get up Talks now” target=”_blank” style=”color:#6c8059″>


Speed Tea Party


On Saturday, July 26  join the Founder of Women Mentoring Women and other women for an afternoon of fun, speed networking and interesting discussions at the Olympic Park.

You will also get a chance to show off your baking skills or perhaps discover the ‘baker’ in you.

The day ends with a raffle draw.

Entry is free, registration required at Spaces are limited and would be allocated on a first come basis.

We have a few spaces for women who would like to exhibit their services and/or products. Contact us at for further information.

Look forward to enjoying a wonderful afternoon with you!

Inspirational Woman Award Winners 2013

Girl next door: Jeaulina Cato
Winning to me was empowering. It was a door opening to my next chapter. Being a part of an event like this has shown me the strength we have as individuals and the power we create as women, when we come together.

I’m still smiling: Funmi Kotun
The award meant that an organisation was able to recognise what God was doing in my life and in the life of all women who do what I do every day.That felt good.

I’m a survivor: Doris Glover
I was surprised and honoured to have won my award. I found the award ceremony inspiring, refreshing and courageous. I really had a good time and look forward to the next award ceremony.

Living my dream: Sandra Hutchinson
The event inspired me to strive for excellence. Winning the award for ‘Living my Dream’ renewed my desire to encourage and motive single mothers to be victors and not victims.