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Mood Swing

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I wake up Monday morning and take a bath
I’m made late by taking an hour and a half
To the bedroom I then beat a hasty path
Leaving behind me a watery aftermath

No make-up applied, don’t do much with my hair
From the wardrobe I pull out an outfit to wear
After putting it on, turn to the mirror and stare
I look plain and pre-menstrual but I don’t really care

At breakfast I find I’ve no coffee salvation
So my hunger feasts on needless frustration
I leave the house for today’s destination
But outside I’m greeted by a curious sensation

The warm morning sun unfreezes my frown
Melts hard, dark eyes to a softer brown
It’s Monday, a day where in my sorrows I drown
But I decide that today is not a day to be down

© Women Mentoring Women

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