Inspirational Woman Awards

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Praise for the Inspirational Woman Awards 2013

• It was wonderful, inspiring, motivating and well presented
• Just wanted to compliment you on running an excellent event. I left truly motivated to try again and aim for the best
• I have learnt that success comes in all shapes and sizes. The speakers were top class and the audience were eager to stay and network
• It was a beautiful day
• It really was good to step outside the bubble, and focus on others for a change, and see the founder of the club putting other people first
• Listening to Funke speak at the end of today’s brilliant event – a truly inspirational woman


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Praise for the Inspirational Woman Awards 2014
What a fantastic time we all had at Inspirational Woman awards. Thanks for organising such a great event
Inspirational woman awards last Saturday was awesome! I felt more inspired! Event was well put together, thank you!
Thank you for the uplifting Inspirational Woman Awards
Enjoyed myself and I am really inspired
This is my first event and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel inspired to go out and live my dream and help to inspire someone else
I was so inspired by everyone tonight, my soul is blessed.
Thank you so much for inviting me. I enjoyed the event a lot and was inspired by so many of the women there.
The event has been well planned. It has been a privilege to attend and I look forward to next year’s event
Amazing, look forward to next year
I was very inspired, thank you for inviting me
A very lovely event and I was glad to be a part of it
Congratulations to you Funke Oham on your organisational skills that delivered a very impressive event which everyone enjoyed so much
Thank you to you for inviting me to join such a wonderful day – You achieved a wonderful thing
It was a beautiful event and such an honour to be amongst an incredible bunch of women

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