Maternal Health Campaigns

On 13th of March 2011, women from all occupations; gathered for a Fundraising Tea Party to raise money to support maternal health. A total of £500 was raised and donated to further the aims of the White Ribbon Alliance.

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Childbirth: a matter of life or death!

Motherhood is a journey most women look forward to but many never get to experience or enjoy it. Nigeria has the second highest rate of maternal death in the world: One in every eight women die while giving birth [1].

Postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) in developing countries continues to be the single most common cause of maternal morbidity and mortality, accounting for approximately 25 percent of maternal deaths globally. Over 90 percent of these deaths occur in developing countries. For women suffering from uncontrollable PPH, a method to control the bleeding, reverse the shock, and stabilize the patient for safe transport to a comprehensive obstetric care facility could be lifesaving. One method to manage PPH is the use of a non-pneumatic anti-shock garment (NASG).

The NASG is a lightweight neoprene garment that is made up of five segments that close tightly with Velcro. The NASG applies pressure to the lower body and abdomen, thereby stabilizing vital signs and resolving hypovolemic shock. When fitted correctly, the reusable NASG forces blood to the essential organs – heart, lungs, and brain [2] and can keep a woman alive for many hours to days prior to medical intervention.

We believe at ‘Women Mentoring Women’ (WMW) and ‘Always a Mum’ (AaM) women are a very important part of any society and their child birth rights should be treated as such. To mark International Women’s Day (IWD) in 2011, ‘WMW’ organised a fun and inspirational Tea Party and raised £500 for the ‘White Ribbon Alliance’ (more info on the ‘WMW’ blog).
To celebrate IWD in 2012, ‘WMW’ in partnership with AaM and the Center for Population and Reproductive Health, College of Medicine/University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria is raising awareness of this issue and fundraising for 37 NASG (one for each state in Nigeria and the capital Abuja). Each NASG costs £120 (garment and freight cost). The £120 garment has the potential to save 40 women’s lives (NASG are reusable) and abate an avoidable tragedy for the child (ren), partner, family, friends, community and nation.

Together let’s save our women’s lives, one life at a time. To donate any amount, sponsor 1 or more NASG please contact us using our details below

Email: and

This campaign is open until we raise the funds for the 37 garments. Thank you!

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