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Breaking Point or Break Free Point

The term ‘stuck in a rut’ seemed so real to me recently. I am currently in a role I consider transitional. However my efforts to move into my preferred role have not yielded the expected results so far. After a very challenging day, it dawned on me this was not where I wanted to be and it was up to me to get myself out of there. I chose to move from a stance of powerlessness to power, from being dejected to becoming happy, and from waiting for things to happen to making things happen. I decided my current pay offs were not worth me holding on and it is time for a new chapter to begin.The moral I learnt from this experience is, it is up to me to break free despite the setbacks encountered and step out of my comfort zone!

Ditch that goal!

I like starting and finishing things. Similarly, I enjoy setting and accomplishing my goals. From personal experience I have grown to accept that goals which are incongruent with one’s vision should be aborted.

At the age of ten I set my mind and heart to devote my life to helping people and at that time the only career I thought would enable me accomplish this desire was by becoming a medical doctor. Towards the end of my A- Levels I started feeling uneasy about my career option due to three reasons. I hate hospitals, would prefer not to see blood and lastly was not prepared to work unsocial hours.  I decided to get a second opinion from a career adviser and Psychology seemed a better alternative. But because I had set my minb d to study medicine, I carried on with this intention until I got my A-Level results. I did not make the grade required to study medicine and was faced with the choice of retaking the exams and/or changing career. After much thought and research I concluded that Psychology would be best suited to my personality, interest and ability. Hence, I switched careers. Looking back, I believe I made the right choice by studying Psychology.

Some thoughts

  • It takes maturity to change career direction once proper consideration and thought have preceded such a decision
  • If you are headed in the wrong direction, change as soon as possible, there is no point getting to  your destination and finding out you missed it
  • I believe no experience is wasted, even when we have made wrong career choices, there is always something to learn and apply in future settings
  • Variety is the spice of life, I think it is more interesting to explore various facets of the same career and incorporate other careers in one’s life time

It does not matter if you have told the whole world what you intend doing, if your goal is no longer relevant, be humble and courageous to do what is best for you.