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Get Real

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Live on purpose, follow your passion & value your worth

This session graphically illustrates in a highly amusing way how uncovering your true self by taking off the psychological ‘clothes’ you use to cover it up, is the key to living a truly amazing life in your relationships, business, career, finance and health. 


Join other ladies today for a fun, interactive and insightful talk!


What to expect:

> Afternoon Tea

> Practical tips on how to achieve your goals and passion

> How to approach every area of your life with confidence

> Fitness for women

>Networking for personal, career and business benefit

> Identify what is stopping you from attaining the life you desire

>Ola Agbaimoni (Speaker, business development expert, radio host and fitness enthusiast) on the hot seat to answer your questions on finance, business, career, social media, marketing, fitness and other areas

Event Details

Where: University of London, International Hall, Lansdowne Terrace, London WC1N 1AS (2 minute walk from Russell Square)

When: Saturday, October 5 (1pm – 5.30pm)

Cost: £15

Payment can be made today at the door! Call or text us on 07985 282251 to let us know you are coming.


We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.” ― Iyanla Vanzant

Contact : wmw_lclub@yahoo.com or 07985 282251 for any queries

Don’t write yourself off!

I am currently job hunting. In this process, I have come across some job specifications I think are beyond me (limited experience) and quickly move on to the next vacancy. However some days ago I came across this particular job I would love to do. Although I don’t fit the criteria 100% I believe I stand a chance after viewing the OU on the BBC: Hilary Devey’s Women at the Top documentary some days ago. The main thing I took away from Hilary is; as a woman I need to have more confidence in myself and portray myself in that light.


In 2007 I applied for a post through an agency and heard nothing. A week later I found out the company in question also advertised the job on their website. I decided to apply directly to them and got the job. Similarly, my application for secondment to another department this summer was successful simply because of a course I did six years ago. Bottom line is I would not get a job if I don’t try.

It is so easy for us to disqualify ourselves even before others have done so and even if they do I will ensure I get feedback, take it on board and carry on till my goal is accomplished.

This principle is applicable to any area of life, even if others do not believe in you, don’t stop believing in yourself. Do whatever is required to qualify yourself so when opportunity does come knocking, success is only a matter of time.