Talks and Seminars

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Celebrating you and me (2012)

An informal opportunity for ladies to get together to celebrate our successes, inspire one another and get us thinking ahead with regards to our goals

Create the Career you want (2013)

Topics include:
How to make the most of selection opportunities: CVs, application forms, competencies, assessment centres, your unique selling point
Career Management: getting noticed, climbing the career ladder, leadership development, seizing opportunities, coaching/mentoring
Self created careers: creating opportunities, development plan, knowledge transfer, networking, innovativeness

Get Real (2013)

This session graphically illustrates in a highly amusing way how uncovering your true self by taking off the psychological ‘clothes’ you use to cover it up, is the key to living a truly amazing life in your relationships, business, career, finance and health

Self-Publishing workshop (2013)

This is practical and insightful session on self – publishing. This session will support women aiming to self-publish a book. Sharing from her vast publishing experience, book strategist Gladys will share what work and what doesn’t. She will also share how to avoid making costly mistakes.

Talks and Seminars feedback

Women Mentoring Women made me believe in myself
Events organised by the ladies club have been very fantastic and relevant to my everyday life
I have developed my potential and faced challenges through the support given
I felt a real sense of sisterhood, you can come from nothing and dare to dream
The whole day was massive ‘food for thought’
Thank you for a rewarding afternoon
A very interesting and cosy event. I enjoyed it very much and gained a lot of things about me. I have been inspired to make new connections and changes
The speakers were very engaging
I learnt to aim high and not be afraid to take risks
A very interesting seminar

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